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I made podcasts about growing up in Nigeria – then shelved them. Here they are.

That’s me looking like I’m blind in one eye

Right at the end of 2015, I walked out of a one month old job with no new job in sight. I needed to keep myself busy. A friend and I had talked about making a podcast, had gone as far as buying a microphone (thanks Festus!), but still hadn’t done anything with it.

I decided to do one by myself. They would be not more than 12 minutes in length (data is precious) and it would be about childhood, growing up in Nigeria.  I set about persuading my friends and family to allow me interview them. They must love me because they agreed. Ha!

I expected to hear stories of a golden time in our lives, filled with the joy of tree climbing, gutter crawling, street footballing on golden sun drenched streets. There’s that, but what i found was more interesting. I found a Nigerian childhood that was  very brittle indeed.

I jumped on danfos and into kekes to get to my interview subjects, learned to use Audacity, wrote, narrated, edited (editing is a b-tch by the way), and produced about five episodes.

And then I shelved them.

I felt they weren’t good enough to my ears. I felt the stories deserved better. I thought they sounded like crap – I still do. But a year later, after some thought and soul searching (not really), I decided to upload them.

I still cringe listening to the quality. How my voice seems to drone and at the same time sound like I am rushing to get my words out, how the background music overwhelms the interviewee’s voice sometimes, how the edits are abrupt and sound. (I’m getting my caveats in early)

But one thing is that I enjoyed doing the work. I enjoyed writing the script, drafting and asking the questions, editing, finding the music to go along with it.

So here are three episodes of Growing Up Naija. I’d done the edits and named the podcast before doing a perfunctory google search and finding that someone had beat me to the name but editing is a b*tch.

Let me know what you think in the comments or via twitter. I need the feedback to improve. Thank you.