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The New Yorker: Gloria Steinem doesn’t drive

I came across this video of feminist Gloria Steinem talking a bit about her childhood and why she doesn’t drive. I don’t, won’t and can’t drive. I related immediately.

However what made me post this was the bit where she talks about how she kept on saying that she would settle down “but just not right now.” She kept putting it off. She looked at “a conventional life as inevitable or an obligation.”

But then she discovered that not everybody had to live the same way and it became a celebration.

The discovery was that it was possible to have both a home and a journey

I think that we need to kick aside the notion that you have only one version of life you can live to be happy or be deemed successful. Nigerians need to be able to explore the life which is not The Husband/Wife + 2 kids or more+ house+ car.

We need to kill it with a skillet (That’s a Missy Elliot reference)

The video’s below. It’s about 4 minutes long and worth a watch.

Watch this video on The Scene.Here’s the profile on Ms Steinem  that goes along with it.

Photo Credit: Jewish Women’s Archive via Compfight cc