Quelle Surprise-60% of Nigerian Youths are Unemployed

The Gist

President Buhari, at a a dinner he hosted in honor of the visiting Alumni Association of the Indian Defence Services Staff College (DSSC),  stated that 60% of  Nigerian Youths are unemployed. Youths make up more than half of our population, 64% to be precise.

Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop

President Buhari didn’t say that but he might as well have. What he did say was

Insecurity in the Northeast, abduction for ransom in the South and the sabotage of the oil industry in the Niger Delta region have one connection or the other with poverty and unemployment.

What’s he going to do about it?

He’s going to revive industries in order to get the youth engaged. Plans for said revival will begin after he’s done with the budget.

I can’t wait.

Photo Credit: Backbone Campaign via Compfight cc