Nigeria battles with providing basic education for our children but should they be taught to code as well?

As the people in charge of the education of our children (UBEC to you and I)  meet in Abuja to state the bleeding obvious -basic education is important- developed countries are asking a more pertinent question: should children learn to code?

Gaby Hinsliff of the Guardian did a comprehensive report here. It’s a long read but worth it. She asks if kids will be left behind if they cannot code.

Dan Crow, a professor of Computer Science at Leeds University, wrote a shorter argument for teaching kids to code here

A view from the US from Christopher Mims of The Wall Street Journal can be found here.

Coding is the future. Software is increasingly running every aspect of our lives. For instance, I saw an app yesterday which tracks a woman’s menstrual cycle. Good old counting won’t do these days. Here’s how Dan Crow puts it

We are already living in a world dominated by software. Your telephone calls go over software-controlled networks; your television is delivered over the internet; people don’t buy maps anymore, they use the web; we all shop online.

I believe that we are putting our kids at a disadvantage if we do not expose them to this world in their developmental years. Dan Crow believes that not knowing coding today will make you an illiterate in the future. With 65 million illiterate Nigerians, it is obvious that we still have a mountain to climb and coding seems like a luxury now. But this is a luxury we can ill afford not to have.

Photo Credit: Dmitry Baranovskiy via Compfight cc