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ICYMI: Roxane Gay’s Confessions of A Bad Feminist

I love Roxane Gay.

She’s an awesome writer. She uses words in ways that make me feel like I just ate pounded yam with okro and pocho – filled and a little teary.

In May this year, she spoke at the TED Women conference. It’s Roxane’s (yes first name basis) work in verbal form: witty, insightful and fearless.

Here’s a snippet from the transcript :

As I got older, I began to accept that I am, indeed, a feminist, and a proud one. I hold certain truths to be self-evident: Women are equal to men. We deserve equal pay for equal work. We have the right to move through the world as we choose, free from harassment or violence. We have the right to easy, affordable access to birth control,and reproductive services. We have the right to make choices about our bodies, free from legislative oversight or evangelical doctrine. We have the right to respect.

Here’s the video:

Follow her on twitter: @rgay

Read her books- Bad Feminist, An Untamed State and Ayiti

And do remember, it’s Roxane with one N.

Photo Credit: Eva Blue via Compfight cc